Camp Roundups: 17-23 August

For those of you who are perhaps slightly newer to HS2 Rebellion, and who are just beginning to wrap your head around the complexities of this operation and what we’re fighting against – here’s a brief introduction.

HS2 is modern-day ecocide; the destruction of five internationally protected wildlife sites, 693 local wildlife sites, 108 ancient woodlands both directly and indirectly and 33 legally protected sites of special scientific interest all for a high speed-railway which will not be carbon-neutral for decades and is set to cost taxpayers in excess of £106bn, with some estimates of up to £200bn. This railway line will connect some of the busiest airports in the country, and will shave off around 20 minutes commuting time for a very small group of people. The negatives and damage to our important landscapes far outweigh the supposed benefits of this project.

Boris Johnson earlier this year said this “I hope that we can as a planet and as a community of nations get to net zero within decades. We’re going to do it by 2050, we’re setting the pace, I hope everybody will come with us. Let’s make this year the moment when we come together with the courage and the technological ambition to solve man-made climate change and to choose a cleaner and greener future for all our children and grandchildren.” And yet, it is clear to see that the very principles of HS2 directly contradict Johnson’s claims to create a greener planet by 2050.

This is where HS2 Rebellion steps in.

A group of talented, principled individuals determined to stop the mass destruction of forests and woodlands which harbour incredible biodiversity, offset carbon emissions and create beautiful spaces for families to enjoy. HS2 is a cowboy and underhand operation, working without sufficient ecological services and licenses to bring down these forests; but HS2 Rebellion has been working hard from protector camps around the country and from their homes to witness the destruction,raise awareness and slow down the work of HS2 and their war on the environment.This week we’re focusing on taking a look at the work and happenings down at two of the protector camps: Denham Country Park and Crackley Woods.

Denham Country Park:

Tree protectors at Denham this week were greeted on Monday morning by the sights and sounds of beautiful trees being thrown into a wood chipper by HS2 workers. Trees are one of the best ways to combat the climate crisis and yet our Government is consistently viewing them as disposable inconveniences. To reach Johnson’s 2050 target to become net zero, the Woodland Trust states that we simply need more trees and to “increase the UK’s woodland cover from its pitiful 13% to at least 17%.” Cutting down one of our best defenses seems counter-productive in this fight against climate change.

HS2 workers destroying one of our best defenses against climate change.

HS2 Rebels also face problems instigated by HS2 workers and the police on a regular basis, for peacefully protesting and occupying these forests.This week down at Denham, HS2 workers and security began to prevent tree protectors from using their entrance and exit to the camp, stopping them from accessing water and only allowing them through once the police were called. No explanation was given. “Courage against corporations” is one of HS2 Rebellion’s mottos and it is clear to see that corporations are standing in the way between eco-activists and a greener planet. Let’s hope our protectors continue to be full of courage as they fight against HS2 in weeks to come, especially since felling is only set to increase throughout the Autumn months.

Facing resistance from HS2 workers on a regular basis.

Crackley Woods:

Crackley Woods is another of the beautiful woodlands set to be destroyed by HS2, and therefore it is again occupied by fearless and relentless tree protectors who slow down the work of HS2 and gather public support. This week, two youth protectors were arrested for blocking the entrance to a HS2 compound with a peaceful protest, for fighting for their future on this ticking-time bomb of a planet.

Youth protesters slowing down the work of HS2 in our climate emergency.

In more positive news, Crackley Woods has an amazing vegetable patch grown by earth protectors at the protection, with an incredible display of produce.

Everyone at HS2 Rebellion is so proud of tree protectors’ efforts this week, their determination and enthusiasm. Next week we will focus on news from Denham and Crackley once again, and take a look at some of our other rebel camps and important happenings from HS2 Rebellion.

Just a reminder from everyone at HS2 Rebellion, you can still be part of this fight from wherever you are: get involved by emailing or writing to your MP and telling them your stance on HS2. Awareness and public voice is key to stopping this ecocide.

Published by Maddie Stannard

Sixteen years old, aspiring wildlife journalist and author. Feminist at heart.

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