The 7 Sisters Oak Tree has been killed

Yesterday HS2 security, the NET & ecologists were surrounding this beautiful 200 year old Oak Tree.

The 7 Sisters initially sat around the tree in June, singing songs to stop the tree being taken. This prolonged the life of the tree for 3 months, but the reality hit when the chainsaw started.

One of the tree protectors said “We arrived at Steeple Claydon on 3rd June to see our friends. As soon as we arrived someone alerted us that HS2 was going to fell an ancient oak tree. We ran over straight away and then several hours went by of us singing, peacefully under the tree.. which resulted in the tree being saved for the next 3 months. 7 of us were arrested and are now going through court proceedings due to the fact that we refused to let HS2 have the tree that day. They then redrew the maps so that the tree wasn’t on their path.. but now they have felled it without conducted the proper bat surveys and ecological tests.”.

A 3 point bat survey must be completed in order for the tree to be felled, though the ecologists declared this tree bat free. There is footage of bats roosting in the Oak Tree as evidence against HS2.

We must continue to protect nature, as nature is us. Please join us at the camps if you are able to! 💚

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