Statement from The Bean Can treehouse of Jones Hill Wood

This is a statement from The Bean Can, the last remaining treehouse resisting the eviction in Jones Hill Wood. The Bean Can is occupied by autonomous activists who are not affiliated with any particular organisation.

“Firstly, we want to make one thing clear: this is not about a railway. This is not even about keeping the trees standing – these treehouses are a symbol of resistance.

This is a resistance to government and corporate greed, and profit for the rich being put before people and planet. This eviction shows again how resistance is met with repression. This is about land rights and land grabs, from the privatisation of common land in the UK, to the violence of colonialism globally.

This is about the state prioritising corporate interests over welfare services and community – HS2 is a kick in the teeth to struggling communities after a decade of austerity.

In this eviction, we’re in solidarity with everyone facing evictions – activist occupations, those displaced under HS2’s compulsory purchase orders, and all tenants threatened with eviction, especially now the Coronavirus eviction ban has been lifted.

We’re taking direct action against the state and corporations – this occupation is a resistance!”

A black sign saying 'Battle of the Beancan'
Battle of The Beancan – The Beancan is the last remaining treehouse in Jones Hill Wood

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