A Statement from HS2 Rebellion on the suspension of members of the National Eviction Team (NET)

HS2 Rebellion learned last night of the suspension of four members (including a Commander) of the National Eviction Team (NET), who are contracted by HS2 Ltd to evict tree protectors.

The suspensions follow allegations of a serious, violent assault on activists in the car park of the Ramada Hotel in Leamington Spa. After interviewing one of the injured in hospital, we understand from the victim that the NET officers have been suspended, and local police are investigating with a view to bring a criminal case.

A spokesperson for HS2 Rebellion said:

“Our thoughts are with those injured in this horrific attack and we wish them a speedy and full recovery.

“Sadly in recent weeks, as commercial and political pressures on the Secretary of State for Transport and HS2 have increased, so have the frequency and intensity of violent attacks not just on our countryside but on those who seek peacefully to protect it.

The spokesman added,

“We urge the government, HS2 Ltd and the Construction Commissioner to condemn all such attacks and to support efforts to ensure that those responsible face the consequences of criminal violence.”

For more information contact: 
Michael 07889 635942 or
Sebastian 07833 321726

HS2 is the most expensive, wasteful and destructive project in UK history and is set to cause irreparable damage to 108 ancient woodlands, 693 wildlife sites, 33 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and 5 internationally important wildlife sites.

The cost of HS2 Phase 1 has risen from £15.1bn in 2016 to £54.5bn at 2019 prices, an increase of more than 361% [1]

HS2 Rebellion is an alliance of groups and individuals campaigning against HS2, including but not exclusively: StopHS2, Save Cubbington Woods, Crackley Woods Protection Camp, Denham Ford Protection Camp, Poors Piece Conservation Project and XR. It is entirely distinct from Extinction Rebellion, but does form part of the Movement of Movements, alongside other sister groups like Wildlife Rebellion, Animal Rebellion and Global Justice Rebellion.

[1] – https://theengineer.markallengroup.com/production/2020/01/Lord-Berkeley-HS2-Review-FINAL.pdf

4 thoughts on “A Statement from HS2 Rebellion on the suspension of members of the National Eviction Team (NET)

  1. So good to see that these violent thugs (NET) finally being brought to justice. Putting peoples lives in danger and getting paid for it.


  2. The NET teams treatment of protesters is unlawful and they haven’t been challenged for that behaviour but for violent attacks on their own time!
    HS2 employ thugs!

    This should be publically talked about and stopped!


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