HS2 security stalks family event and tears down children’s posters

On Monday 12th October, locals from a village community and anti-HS2 activists united in Quainton, Buckinghamshire.

After a week of protests by anti-HS2 campaigners and Aylesbury Vale residents, local villagers decided to pay homage to the Doddershall House and the Oak tree (pictured below), that has been a part of daily life of Quainton for centuries and is being destroyed for HS2. When they arrived, an HS2 security van was already parked along with a camera van leaving the local community members horrified.

Caroline, who is a local Bucks resident said, “I was absolutely shocked to HS2 security already waiting for us. They wore bank robber masks to intimidate us which I thought was completely inappropriate. It was a nightmarish situation, especially whilst we have children with us.

“Children put up posters and acorns were collected for the community to propagate, nurture, respect and grow to maturity.

“However, in the afternoon a local dog walker reported that the had security torn down the posters that the children put up immediately after we left.”

The Doddershall House is a large moated park set around a 16th-century manor house. It consisted of extensive fishponds and other water features, as well as an avenue of lime trees. It is a Grade II listed building that HS2 have completely vandalised – See before and after pictures below.

Before & after pictures of the area being vandalised by HS2

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