HS2 security stalks family event and tears down children’s posters

After a week of protests by anti-HS2 campaigners and Aylesbury Vale residents, local villagers to chose to pay homage to the Doddershall House and the Oak tree (pictured below) that has been a part of the daily life of Quainton for centuries and is being destroyed for HS2. When they arrived, a HS2 security van was already parked along with a camera van leaving the local community members shocked.

Newsletter: Extinction is Forever Special Edition

This issue is dedicated to all the brave Extinction Rebellion and Stop HS2 activists who took action on the 9th of October, from Euston to Lichfield. We are here to thank them, recap the highlights of this extraordinary day of National Rebellion and remind you of all the ways in which you can keep acting, so that the wonderful momentum of this action does not dwindle.

Young conscientious protector faces prison for defending ancient woodland from destruction by HS2 project

At a hearing listed for this Thursday and Friday, 30th and 31st July, at 10 am at Birmingham High Court, a 22-year-old earth protector Elliott Cuciurean, could be jailed for protecting ancient woodland from destruction by the Government’s High Speed Rail project.

HS2 Rebellion to blockade HS2 crime sites in Central and Greater London

Email: HS2Rebellion@gmail.com Phone: +447459055152 / +447852505826 / +447969083371 / +447726195412 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Donate  #HS2Rebellion #NHSnotHS2 #ShutTheSites #StopHS2 On Monday 4 May, HS2 Rebellion will blockade and shut down HS2 compounds across Central and Greater London, from Euston to Colne Valley.  The action has been designed to comply with COVID-19Continue reading “HS2 Rebellion to blockade HS2 crime sites in Central and Greater London”