Statement from The Bean Can treehouse of Jones Hill Wood

This is a statement from The Bean Can, the last remaining treehouse resisting the eviction in Jones Hill Wood. The Bean Can is occupied by autonomous activists who are not affiliated with any particular organisation. “Firstly, we want to make one thing clear: this is not about a railway. This is not even about keepingContinue reading “Statement from The Bean Can treehouse of Jones Hill Wood”

The fight to save our ancient woodland. Anti-HS2 resistance of Jones’ Hill Wood enters day 6

Activists and campaigners have managed to resist the eviction of Jones’ Hill Wood in Buckinghamshire for six days. The ancient woodland is one of 20 that have been identified as targets for clearance by HS2 from October 1st. Legal teams and campaigners have highlighted the felling in Jones’ Hill Woods to be illegal. As ofContinue reading “The fight to save our ancient woodland. Anti-HS2 resistance of Jones’ Hill Wood enters day 6”

Hypocrisy of UK Government exposed as ancient woodlands destroyed along the HS2 line

This week, Boris Johnson told world leaders, ‘We can’t afford to dither and delay because biodiversity loss is happening today and is happening at a frightening rate’ and promised to protect 30% of our land by 2030 – yet the hypocrisy of this statement and pledge is laid bare as the government’s HS2 project rips through irreplaceable woodland and habitats.

HS2 Rebel on hunger strike at top of 150 foot crane outside Euston station

Saturday 5 September 2020: HS2 Rebel Leayn, 34, has entered the HS2 compound immediately outside Euston Station, scaled a 150 foot crane there and dropped a banner reading “HS2 is corrupt” (see photo). Leayn, who usually works as a creative artist, has risked life and limb by free-climbing the giant crane and is now securelyContinue reading “HS2 Rebel on hunger strike at top of 150 foot crane outside Euston station”

HS2 activists take to the trees

BREAKING NEWS: Protesters against HS2 take to the trees in Parliament Square to demand the government to act now. They are there to witness Parliaments decision on the CEE bill, and pledge to remain until the government acts on the climate emergency, backs the bill and stops destructive projects like HS2. Protesters from the frontContinue reading “HS2 activists take to the trees”

HS2 Rebellion joins the XR September Rebellion

Starting today, September 1st, activists from HS2 Rebellion and other groups against HS2 join the “We want to live!” Rebellion at Parliament Square demanding the UK government take the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) seriously and support the CEE bill. They will be holding actions during the September Rebellion to highlight the ecological destruction causedContinue reading “HS2 Rebellion joins the XR September Rebellion”