Statement from The Bean Can treehouse of Jones Hill Wood

This is a statement from The Bean Can, the last remaining treehouse resisting the eviction in Jones Hill Wood. The Bean Can is occupied by autonomous activists who are not affiliated with any particular organisation. “Firstly, we want to make one thing clear: this is not about a railway. This is not even about keepingContinue reading “Statement from The Bean Can treehouse of Jones Hill Wood”

The fight to save our ancient woodland. Anti-HS2 resistance of Jones’ Hill Wood enters day 6

Activists and campaigners have managed to resist the eviction of Jones’ Hill Wood in Buckinghamshire for six days. The ancient woodland is one of 20 that have been identified as targets for clearance by HS2 from October 1st. Legal teams and campaigners have highlighted the felling in Jones’ Hill Woods to be illegal. As ofContinue reading “The fight to save our ancient woodland. Anti-HS2 resistance of Jones’ Hill Wood enters day 6”

A Guide to HS2 Goons 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Part 1: Carrots 🥕🥕🥕🥕 Dressed all in orange, these creatures travel in packs around HS2 compounds following the signal of the Green Helmet Carrot without question, who in turn receives instruction from an unseen leader. If they encounter you in the wild they will likely freeze, ask you to leave and signal the Green Helmet.Continue reading “A Guide to HS2 Goons 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️”

We are fighting for everyone’s futures!

As we head further into the 6th mass extinction here on Earth, HS2 Ltd. continue to deforest ancient woodlands and vital farming land. Across the Warwickshire area, HS2 have land grabbed vital spaces which home a wide variety of invertebrates, mammals & plants. Both the human and non-human population depend on vast biodiversity far andContinue reading “We are fighting for everyone’s futures!”

Tales from the Trees & Tracks

Hello! I’m Fern (@fernlovestrees), I’m 18 and from Bristol. I came up by train the first time in June and have been around off and on since! I started off camping when I first came up for a 3 day trip, but have since lived up in the treetops after learning to climb. I firstContinue reading “Tales from the Trees & Tracks”

Tales from the Trees & Tracks

Hello, I am @mushrooni and I travelled down from West Yorkshire on the train to Crackley Protection Camp. Ironically I took the planned HS2 route from the north to Birmingham… So I brought a tent and initially planned to stay for a couple days but it has nearly been a month now! I joined thisContinue reading “Tales from the Trees & Tracks”

Tales from the Trees & Tracks

Hi, my name is Grace (@dobson95). I found out about the monstrosities of HS2 through XR Youth & was so horrified by how many ancient woodlands will be taken needlessly. I am here today to try and stop the government and big corporations from displacing both humans and nonhumans from their homes. They are destroyingContinue reading “Tales from the Trees & Tracks”

Tales from the Trees & Tracks

My name is Medusa and I come from London but I am originally from Spain and France. I started camping in late May but I have taken some time to go back home to keep my life on track a few times. I first heard about HS2 Rebellion from other friends that were already thereContinue reading “Tales from the Trees & Tracks”