HS2 Rebel on hunger strike at top of 150 foot crane outside Euston station

Saturday 5 September 2020: HS2 Rebel Leayn, 34, has entered the HS2 compound immediately outside Euston Station, scaled a 150 foot crane there and dropped a banner reading “HS2 is corrupt” (see photo). Leayn, who usually works as a creative artist, has risked life and limb by free-climbing the giant crane and is now securelyContinue reading “HS2 Rebel on hunger strike at top of 150 foot crane outside Euston station”

HS2 activists take to the trees

BREAKING NEWS: Protesters against HS2 take to the trees in Parliament Square to demand the government to act now. They are there to witness Parliaments decision on the CEE bill, and pledge to remain until the government acts on the climate emergency, backs the bill and stops destructive projects like HS2. Protesters from the frontContinue reading “HS2 activists take to the trees”

Friday 28th August: HS2 Rebellion and XR Actions

Beginning Friday 28th August, HS2 Rebellion and other campaigners from Extinction Rebellion (XR) and associated groups banded together to begin a rebellion against perhaps the most prolific environmental war many of us have ever seen. Extinction Rebellion are conducting bank holiday protests in the lead up to the next UK Rebellion and HS2 Rebellion’s actionsContinue reading “Friday 28th August: HS2 Rebellion and XR Actions”

HS2 Rebellion joins the XR September Rebellion

Starting today, September 1st, activists from HS2 Rebellion and other groups against HS2 join the “We want to live!” Rebellion at Parliament Square demanding the UK government take the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) seriously and support the CEE bill. They will be holding actions during the September Rebellion to highlight the ecological destruction causedContinue reading “HS2 Rebellion joins the XR September Rebellion”

Camp Roundups: 17-23 August

For those of you who are perhaps slightly newer to HS2 Rebellion, and who are just beginning to wrap your head around the complexities of this operation and what we’re fighting against – here’s a brief introduction. HS2 is modern-day ecocide; the destruction of five internationally protected wildlife sites, 693 local wildlife sites, 108 ancientContinue reading “Camp Roundups: 17-23 August”

HS2 use injunction hearing to silence legitimate protest and hide from public accountability

Date: 22nd June, 2020 Today, in the high court, a full day hearing ruled to raise a sudden interim injunction over vast areas of land in the Colne Valley, to prevent the legal right to protest against the controversial HS2 works. Justice Holland, ruling on his third case against peaceful protest in the Colne Valley,Continue reading “HS2 use injunction hearing to silence legitimate protest and hide from public accountability”