Environmental Destruction by HS2

In Pictures: #Ecocide by HS2 Ltd

Calvert Jubilee Nature Reserve

HS2 cleared the northern end of the nature reserve within 3 days.

There was no adequate ecological survey done at the time.

Images were clicked on: 29.09.2020

Black Slough Woods, Staffordshire.

Trees are marked to be felled.

Image clicked on: 28.09.2020

Environmental Crimes in Staffordshire.

Location: Black Slough Woods, Staffordshire.

Interference with badger sets – netting placed over their homes so they can’t return. This woodland is due to be destroyed by HS2 to make way for the ‘sustainable’ train.

Images clicked on: 28.09.2020

Felling of Little Lyntus Ancient Woodland

Location: Little Lyntus, Staffordshire.

Little Lyntus ancient woodland being completely felled and many more woodlands in the area under imminent threat.

Join the Stop HS2 Staffordshire Facebook group. They are looking for more help protesting and blocking work around Litchfield.

Images clicked on: 28.09.2020 – 01.10.20

Aerial photo credit: Express&Star

Clearance of trees by the river in Harefield, Uxbridge

The area cleared was not actually in the HS2 compound and was public land.

It was reported that London Borough of Hillingdon and Harrow Anglers helped with facilitating this destruction.

Photos clicked on: 05.10.20

Hundreds of trees in Cubbington Woods marked for felling.

Majority of the woods has already been destroyed when this post was uploaded. The woods in these pictures are not even in way of the train line. It’s being clear to make space for infrastructure.

Even though there was vast amount of open space surround the woods, HS2 chose to fell the woods.

Location: Cubbington Woods, Warwickshire
Photo Credit: @DeniseLauraBaker
Date: 05.10.2020

This image sums up what HS2 is doing to the younger generation’s future

Image clicked on: 04.10.2020

HS2 have destroyed the Chilterns

This area used to be a lush green, full of trees and biodiversity. Now it is a barren wasteland, all natural life decimated and turned to dirt.

HS2 risk contaminating hundreds of thousands of peoples water supply in London as they will be pile driving into delicate aquifers there in the Chilterns.

Rugby Road will never be the same

Activists who had set up camp on Rugby Road, Cubbington were evicted by the N.E.T (National Eviction Team) on 05.10.2020.

Since then, several ancient oak trees have been felled.

These oak trees were not actually in the way of the train line. They were felled anyways.

Felling at Euston

Before & After of the trees at Euston

Date: 08.10.2020
Photo Credit: Dorothea

HS2 almost done destroying Little Lyntus Ancient woodland in Staffordshire.

This entire ancient woodland that has been around for centuries has been cleared within weeks to make way for the ‘sustainable’ train line.

Image credit: Express and Star
Date: 10.10.2020

Black Slough Wood set for destruction

Location: Lichfield

Date of photos: 13.10.2020

Horror at Hints

HS2’s latest front in their war on nature is at Roundhill Wood near the village of Hints, about 10 miles south of Lichfield.

They’ve brought in their heavy machinery which is chomping it’s way through the wood at a frightening rate.

Photo credit: Simon Beavis
Date of photos: 15.10.2020

Ecocide Black Slough Wood

This is Black Slough Wood near Kings Bromley.

Photo credit: Simon Beavis
Date of photos: 12.10.2020

South Cubbington Wood, Warwickshire

Before & After

Image on right clicked in October, 2020

RIP Ancient Alder tree

The stand off to save the ancient alder tree lasted a few days. The shocking things about this event was that the police facilitated the environmental destruction.

There were a quite a few arrests of peaceful campaigners, and violence from HS2 security towards tree protectors – several activists were injured and had to be taken away by ambulance.

The tree was not even in the HS2 compound.

Note the before & after picture.

Date: July 2020

Jones Hill Wood

Take a deep breath as you look a this picture. Admire the beauty of Jones Hill Wood.

This is what HS2 is going to destroy.

Photo credit – Zoe Broughton @CameraZoe

Annihilation of Ancient Alder Trees

This ecocide took place at Denham Country Park, Uxbridge.

Photo credit: Talia Woodin @taltakingpics

Date: July 2020

“Hampstead Road feels empty”

Felling at Hampstead Road, Euston.

Photo credit: William Watson

Date: October 2020

Destruction at Broadwells

Broadwells Wood, near Kenilworth has been completely decimated by HS2. This wood was once home to 1000s of bats.

Date: 20.10.2020

Photo Credit: Talia Woodin @taltalkingpics