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Join us at one of the protection camps!

These protections camps provide resistance to HS2. But more importantly, they have also reduced the environmental damage being caused by HS2.

There have been countless amount of times where contractors will clear woodland on land that doesn’t belong to HS2.

Please note: The camps were set up by people from the local communities who are being impacted by HS2. Many camps have been around for many years and are independent of each other. No camps belong to any particular organisation or campaign.

Click here for camp locations

Please do visit the camps to see the reality of what HS2 is doing to our environment. You can visit for either a few hours or stay for months.

Denham Camp Wish List
Crackley Camp Wish List

What to take to camps:
– Tent, sleeping bag & sleeping bag
– Torch / Headlamp
– Warm clothes to suit the weather
– Boots (It gets very wet)
– Solar, portable battery pack
– Water bottle

Want to donate items to the camps?
– Climbing equipment
– Wooden pallets
– Warm clothes
– Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
– Blankets, duvets
– Work tables
– Building tools

Want to donate money to the camps?
Click here for the crowdfunder

Please note: HS2 Rebellion is not responsible for managing this crowdfunder. The crowdfunder is managed by representatives from all camps.

Skills needed:
– Carpentry – To create infrastructure
– Climbing skills / trainers
– Electrical technician – To upgrade solar energy supply
– Comms technician – To set up Wifi connection

Can you help us from home?

Whilst we do need people at camps, we also need people helping to coordinate, organise, market, plan and collaborate with the protection camps, actions being organised by various other groups, and discuss strategies on how to stop HS2.

We need help with making the UK more aware of how HS2 is destroying our environment and wasting taxpayers money.

Do you have skills in the following:
– Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin)
– Blogging/writing
– WordPress (website)
– Journalism
– Press release writing
– Fundraising
– Writing newsletters
– Environmental conservation
– Ecology surveying & assessments
– Coordination skills
– Event planning
– Tech
– Art & Graphic design

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