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HS2 Rebellion

HS2 is the most expensive and environmentally destructive infrastructure project in UK history. The project is set to destroy 108 ancient woodlands and almost 700 wildlife sites. As well as costing the UK tax payer well over £200 billion, the high speed rail project is already causing extensive and irreversible damage to the environment and will be a vast new source of carbon emissions for at least the next 120 years, as well as enabling mass airport expansion.

The Government must scrap HS2 immediately, instead using the money to improve and invest in the NHS, existing networks and local infrastructure and projects that adapt to the reality we face in this COVID-19 pandemic and Climate and Ecological Emergency.

You can help us by joining us at one of the camps, raising awareness through online actions, or by donating to us using the link below that will help support the camps.

Woodlands being affected by HS2

Check out the Woodland Trust’s website for more information about the loss of woodlands.

Thinking of visiting the camps?

Watch this beautiful video to inspire you about why people are standing up to protect the trees!


Camp Locations

Check out map for the closest camp to you that you can visit or help out.

The case against HS2

Check out Stop HS2’s website for more information on the case against HS2.


Please help us fund the brave work of these environmental protectors. Monies raised will go towards supporting the rebels in 12 camps to have the equipment they need for safe camps and to carry out nonviolent direct action to stop the climate and ecological devastation caused by the construction of HS2.

HS2 Infographic
All these images are © STOP HS2 – The National Campaign Against High Speed Rail 2, but are part of their toolbox that can be used in the fight against HS2. You can download and/or find Twitter links for individual images and the collage on their website: http://stophs2.org/toolbox/19050-stop-hs2-graphics-2020