FINT protestors block entrance to Hayward Gallery’s ‘Among the Tree’s’ exhibition and stage dramatic performance to highlight the violence and deforestation of HS2. Stop HS2, HS2 Rebellion, and autonomous anti-HS2 activists who all identify as female, intersex, non-binary and trans, temporarily blocked the entrance to the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Among The Trees’ exhibition in protest asContinue reading “EXHIBIT THE TRUTH!”

A Guide to HS2 Goons 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Part 2: The NET (National Eviction Team) HS2 have paid for High Court laws to protect their interests on the land they’ve stolen. The black clad NET are basically sheriff’s deputies hired to enforce that. However their aggressive actions now extend way beyond that remit. The NET have a reputation for violence, and for gettingContinue reading “A Guide to HS2 Goons 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️”

HS2 security stalks family event and tears down children’s posters

After a week of protests by anti-HS2 campaigners and Aylesbury Vale residents, local villagers to chose to pay homage to the Doddershall House and the Oak tree (pictured below) that has been a part of the daily life of Quainton for centuries and is being destroyed for HS2. When they arrived, a HS2 security van was already parked along with a camera van leaving the local community members shocked.

Newsletter: Extinction is Forever Special Edition

This issue is dedicated to all the brave Extinction Rebellion and Stop HS2 activists who took action on the 9th of October, from Euston to Lichfield. We are here to thank them, recap the highlights of this extraordinary day of National Rebellion and remind you of all the ways in which you can keep acting, so that the wonderful momentum of this action does not dwindle.

The fight to save our ancient woodland. Anti-HS2 resistance of Jones’ Hill Wood enters day 6

Activists and campaigners have managed to resist the eviction of Jones’ Hill Wood in Buckinghamshire for six days. The ancient woodland is one of 20 that have been identified as targets for clearance by HS2 from October 1st. Legal teams and campaigners have highlighted the felling in Jones’ Hill Woods to be illegal. As ofContinue reading “The fight to save our ancient woodland. Anti-HS2 resistance of Jones’ Hill Wood enters day 6”

BREAKING NEWS: Jones Hill Woods protection camp eviction

This morning at 5:30 am around 40 National Eviction Team officers, working on behalf of the government’s HS2 project and supported by around 20 police officers entered Jones’ Hill Wood, Wendover Valley, Buckinghamshire (HP22 6PT). The clear intention was to clear the protest camp.

Hypocrisy of UK Government exposed as ancient woodlands destroyed along the HS2 line

This week, Boris Johnson told world leaders, ‘We can’t afford to dither and delay because biodiversity loss is happening today and is happening at a frightening rate’ and promised to protect 30% of our land by 2030 – yet the hypocrisy of this statement and pledge is laid bare as the government’s HS2 project rips through irreplaceable woodland and habitats.

HS2 Rebel on hunger strike at top of 150 foot crane outside Euston station

Saturday 5 September 2020: HS2 Rebel Leayn, 34, has entered the HS2 compound immediately outside Euston Station, scaled a 150 foot crane there and dropped a banner reading “HS2 is corrupt” (see photo). Leayn, who usually works as a creative artist, has risked life and limb by free-climbing the giant crane and is now securelyContinue reading “HS2 Rebel on hunger strike at top of 150 foot crane outside Euston station”

HS2 Rebellion disrupts UK’s Department for Transport to demand urgent action on the climate emergency and push the government to stop ecocide and stop HS2

Activists have spray painted the words  “Smash HS2” and sprayed fake blood on the walls of the Department for Transport (DfT) to signify the government’s complicity in the climate crisis. Two people have glued onto the entrance door of the Dft, with four people glued to the ground. Activists chanted, “HS2 has blood on their hands. HS2 is Ecocide.”


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